Manion’s Auction House

Moschettieri (Musketeers of Duce): Fez and Parade Helmet

Here’s the latest installment of American Chimera’s e-archeology project of digging up old Manion’s International Auction House listings I wrote in the early 2000’s, in an effort to rescue this era from the electronic abyss. I have added extra historical…
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Saddled With Insignia: Shabraque Badges

(Originally published in Trendline Magazine, May 2000; updated April 2015) The world of collectibles is full of rare and unique items, as every serious collector knows. Finding these items is the “spice” of collecting – those inspired little moments of…
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Götterdämmerung: Herbert von Karajan (1908-1989)

For the last few days, Deutsche Grammophon has been plastering Facebook with Herbert von Karajan‘s April 5th birthday reminders in connection with the launch of their fantastic “digital concert hall.” Thinking back to hearing the news of his death in…
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