Historical Artifacts & Collectibles

Over the last 25 years, I have appraised and consulted on a wide range of historical artifacts, including ancient Egyptian ushabtis, 20th-century historical documents, significant artifacts from the World Wars, vintage ham radio equipment, collectibles ranging from antique scientific instruments to railroadiana, and much more.

I also work with everyday estate items in need of documentation – whether historical or contemporary, plus entertainment memorabilia, and special collections of items ranging from railroadiana to scientific instruments.

Organization is the key to saving time and money. Whether you’re better served by a Formal Appraisal, Value Discovery Consultation, or Sales Advisory Opinion, I will advise you of steps that will expedite the process and estimate the time the project will take prior to any commitment. Formal proposals are available.

Fees for appraisal services are charged by the hour for small projects or by a negotiated project fee for larger collections, archives, or estates.

Value Discovery Consultations and Sales Advisory Opinions are designed for those seeking only basic information or guidance about their estate or collection. Give me a call at (816) 289-5400 or email me for more information!