Monthly Archive: October 2016

Georges Méliès and the Dawn of Cinema

Before we subscribed to Netflix a couple of years ago, it had been decades since I had seen a complete version of Georges Méliès’ influential La Voyage dans la lune, also known as A Trip to the Moon (1902). The short…
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Detecting Inpainting in Artwork

If you’ve spent time around artists, museums, or artwork in general, you have probably heard the term “inpainting.” Simply put, inpainting is a process that reconstructs deteriorated portions of a painting or image. The term can be also be used…
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History’s Stylus Remains Stuck in the Same Groove

The 2016 presidential election seems the most contentious of my lifetime. The amount of cognitive dissonance and outright hypocrisy among supporters of the front runners is, well, staggering.  My fellow Americans seem unable or unwilling to shake off the shackles…
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