Meet the Chimera

Welcome to my blog! I started this with the idea of having an annex to my main website as a place to discuss aspects of personal property appraising, profile items and areas of collecting, and generally to talk about my interests which are rather varied. Hence the chimera. Here you may expect to read about anything from history to astronomy to music to movies. I know most people do this sort of thing on Facebook, but the format is too ephemeral for what I have planned. Not that I have any life-altering truths to offer, though. At least I don’t think so. Oh yes, please talk back if you’re so inclined!
This is what I’d like you to think my library/study looks like.
So anyway, I’m sitting here in the wee hours of a Sunday morning watching The Name of the Rose (1986) for the thousandth time and proofing my site, as well as the official website of The H.G. Wells Society, which I created last month along with my own. I’ve been the society’s webmaster since around 2000, and felt we had simply outgrown our old digital home. I’m happy to say reaction to our new site has been uniformly positive, and even helped us earn several new institutional subscriptions.
The site will continue to grow as my colleagues finish some of their projects that will be included on our site through pages or links, which of course I will talk about here.
Over the last few days I’ve added new images to my own website to show people the kinds of things I am looking to appraise for them. By no means am I limited to just these things, though! Of course there are some things I will not appraise, such as coins, stamps, firearms, and automobiles, but I do have a stable of local and national appraisers to consult with or refer a client to, depending on the need and circumstance.
Representing just a few categories I appraise…
Enough for tonight. The creature is ready to sleep.