Yearly Archive: 2017

Collectible Antique Scientific and Quack Medical Devices

Six years ago, I researched and cataloged a collection of antique scientific and quack medical devices for Dirk Soulis Auctions, gathered over a span of thirty years by biology professor Dr. Leland Keller (no relation). Dr. Keller used many of these…
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Still Playing With Dalis: Surreal Scholarship

Works by Salvador Dali (1904-1989) – one of the 20th century’s most famous and controversial surrealist artists, can be a rather challenging project for an art appraiser. And I mean challenging in the sense that educating your client about the…
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NIST Stations WWV, WWVH, WWVB and “The Empire Strikes Back”

Being a nostalgic soul, and one that still owns his old Candle shortwave radio, inherited from an aunt, I like to set time on my watches and library clock to the shortwave radio station WWV, an atomic clock-driven time interval…
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